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How To Make Jewelry

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Learn how to Make Handmade Jewelry in Silver, Gold, And Platinum from Working Professional Jewelers who are Masters of their Craft.  The Guide to Jewelry Making provide instructions to create rings, pendants, and earrings including; jewelry fabrication, casting, forging, soldering, CAD, Lasers and more.  Articles and videos by Master Jewelers:

  • > Brad Simon
  • > Steve Satow
  • > Jurgen Maerz
  • > Tom Weishaar
  • > Chuck Koehler
  • > Charles Lewton Brain and Many Others.


Do you have questions about how to make jewelry with CAD/CAM, Hand-Fabrication, or Casting?  The Guide to Jewelry Making is all about Custom Jewelry Manufacturing techniques and technologies.  Learn how to make Custom Jewelry Manufacturing easier and more profitable.


Learn Jewelry Making Techniques others use to Succeed

All the articles and videos are provided by working jewelers who face the same problems you do day in and day out.  Our experts help beginners learn the basics they need and show more experienced jewelers how to polish their skills and learn new techniques.  


Whether you are a beginning jeweler looking to make your own jewelry, develop your jewelry making skills, and build your career as a jeweler or a seasoned veteran of the bench looking to refresh your skills and rejuvenate your career, The Guide to Jewelry Making will help jump-start your creativity and motivate you to accomplish your goals.


Basic Jewelry making techniques such as sawing, filing, forging, soldering, and polishing are all covered.  Instructions on how to use jewelers’ tools and equipment and jewelry supplies needed for custom made jewelry are given throughout the articles and videos.


You’ll also learn about how tool selection effects your finished product and how new technology can help you make better jewelry.

Plus, the Guide to Jewelry Making goes beyond the basics and demonstrates advanced techniques to fabricate complex jewelry mountings, multiple stone rings, ornate crowns for stonesetting, and intricate filigree jewelry.  Soldering and Fusion Welding processes are discussed as well as advanced forming and shaping techniques.


  • Traditional Jewelry Making Techniques
  • > Casting Precious Metals
  • > Wax Carving Jewelry Models
  • > Bench Jewelers Tips and Tricks
  • > Using Jewelers’ Tools
  • > New Laser Welding Technology
  • It’s All Here For You!


There are short tips and tricks as well as articles on various techniques, and some videos so you can see how it is done. For more articles and videos go to







Tips on Jewelry Making
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